The Fog (2005)

Director: Rupert Wainwright Writers: Cooper Layne, John Carpenter Stars: Tom Welling, Maggie...

Bump In the Night

Director/Writer: Timothy Serewicz Stars: Heath Allyn, Michael Crawford Bump In The Night is an...


Director: Kevin Greutert Writers: L.D. Goffigan, Lucas Sussman Stars: Isla Fisher, Anson Mount,...

The Theatre Bizarre

Directors: Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, Tom...

Holland Road

Directors: Aaron Bush, Kellen Pembleton Writers: Aaron Bush, Wally Roberts Stars: Stephanie Albon,...

Dark Skies

Director/Writer: Scott Stewart Stars: Keri Russell, Jake Brennan, Josh Hamilton Dark Skies (2013)...

Grave Encounters

Directors/Writers: The Vicious Brothers Stars: Ben Wilkinson, Sean Rogerson, Ashleigh Gryzko Grave...

Rosemary’s Baby

Director: Roman Polanski Writers: Ira Levin, Roman Polanski Stars: Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes,...


Director: Takashi Miike Writers: Ryû Murakami (novel), Daisuke Tengan Stars: Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi...


Director/Writer: Adam Green Stars: Kane Hodder, Joel David Moore, Deon Richmond Hatchet (2006) -...

I’ve had a love for horror movies all my life, and it’s only increased over the years, so I decided it would be fun to start putting together my thoughts on the movies I watch.

This gives me a chance to exercise a few things I enjoy – creativity, creating art, and voicing my opinion while comparing and contrasting to the other movies I’ve seen.

Horror has been a part of human folklore since we first started chiseling on walls. Fear has always been a motivating factor – inspiring stories of Gods, being the base of religions, inspiring both wars and peace. It started with something as simple as the fear of what we couldn’t see, and has expanded to more psychological fears that hit far deeper than simple mauling, or even death.

How does it work?

I’ve established a simple ratings system.

1 Bloody Kitty – The movie’s terrible, and I only sat through it to be able to report fully on it (or in the worst cases, gave up).


one bloody kitty

2 Bloody Kitties – It’s not terrible, but it’s not good either. I can sit through it, but I definitely won’t be watching it again.

two bloody kitties

3 Bloody Kitties – It’s good! Not great, but definitely worth the time and even a few re-watches.

three bloody kitten rating

4 Bloody Kitties – It’s great! Maybe some of the troupes are a little over used, or perhaps the storyline was too predictable, or I found the acting a little dry… but what ever problems are minor, and it’s definitely worth watching over and over.

four bloody kitties

5 Bloody Kitties – It’s amazing! Mind blowing! It actually scared me and had me on the edge of my seat! – This is only reserved for those that I find original and amazing in every way, don’t expect to see a lot of them!

five bloody kitties

But wait! What about spoilers!

When looking for reviews, it can be hard to avoid spoilers… I will be trying to write as vaguely as I can with out giving out so much as to ruin the movie for you, there are times I will include a much more in depth review, but I will set a warning first so you have the chance to read the brief review – but can continue to the more in depth part, or just wait and come back after you watched to see if I’m right!

I encourage discussion, and disagreement! We all have our own opinions, and nothing is more fun than discussing the whys and hows of them… just make sure it’s done respectfully!

So then let’s trot out our evil little kitties, and see where we end up!