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Holland Road

Directors: Aaron Bush, Kellen Pembleton Writers: Aaron Bush, Wally Roberts Stars: Stephanie Albon, Michael Balch, Jason John Beebe Holland Road (2015) – IMDb It’s always easy to tell a low budget horror. One of the...

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Hunting Humans

Director/Writer: Kevin Kangas Stars: Rick Ganz, Bubby Lewis, Lisa Michele Hunting Humans (2002) – IMDb On a rare occasion, I pick a movie based solely on the rating given by the service… in this case Amazon Prime had...

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3: All Hallows Eve

Director: Laurence Holloway, Richard Stoudt Stars: Chris Labadie, Michael Hanelin, David Nelson A member of the compilation genre, ala Twilight Zone, this movie has some surprisingly good writing, unfortunately ruined by some...

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