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Dark Amazon

Director: Darcyana Moreno Izel Writers: Peter Aranda, Darcyana Moreno Izel (writer/story) Stars: Mina Olivera, Don Jeanes, Michelle Taylor Dark Amazon (2014) – IMDb An entry in the genre of “found footage” horror, Dark Amazon is the supposed chronicles of a research team on the verge of discovering a new cure for cancer. The set up starts early, so unlike many found footage movies the “set up” lull is relatively short. The noises the movie features are amusingly predator-esque. The scare factor is relatively low, but the movie does provide an interesting “fish out of water” feel with scientists facing something that seems more spiritual in nature. I do wish I had some Spanish or Brazilian as a second language, I imagine it might add a little more to the movie. The intermittent use of video distortion to signal the visit of the supernatural is a typical trick, but still used reasonably well. Some of the set ups are so humorous that the movie seems to walk the fine line of wanting to be a comedy. In some ways, this makes the movie seem slightly more real, as the set ups seem more relatable. The noises the movie features are amusingly predator-esque when signalling the nearness of the creature. It is a movie I recommend giving your full attention to as beyond the video distortion, there are a lot of...

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3: All Hallows Eve

Director: Laurence Holloway, Richard Stoudt Stars: Chris Labadie, Michael Hanelin, David Nelson A member of the compilation genre, ala Twilight Zone, this movie has some surprisingly good writing, unfortunately ruined by some very bad acting and effects. While low budget horror does not always have to be bad, the quality of your acting team can make up for a lot of other production flaws, while flat acting will almost always destroy even the best written script. While each of the 3 tales told in this anthology could be considered classic, they each have a slight twist that makes them some what different from the usual versions you see replayed time after time. My personal favorite was the second one, despite the poor voice acting, the story itself could have taken a few routes before the revealed the catch (even though the actual catch itself was obvious). All in all, while I can’t say I would re-watch this, it’s not as bad as the usual one kitty fare… so perhaps it’s more one and a half...

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Director/Writer: Wes Craven Stars: Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp, Robert Englund A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – IMDb This is a Wes Craven classic from the era of teenage sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. While in many ways it may seem tame by today’s standards, it has stood the test of time by playing with that one area we all have just that little bit of fear for – Dreams. Who hasn’t woken up from a dream in an absolute terror? Panting hard like you were just running, and afraid of falling back asleep for fear it might pick up where it left off? Or worse, been in the midst of it, terrified, knowing that whatever it is that’s after you is just behind you, about to get you, but you can’t wake up, and all you want to do is wake up…. This movie saw the start of a few careers – Most notably is that of Johnny Depp. Lin Shaye, now known for her role as Elise Rainer in Insidious, plays a bit part as the teacher of a high school class. It’s not her first role by any means, but definitely the first role I remember her for. The heart of the movie however is left ventricle Heather Langenkamp, and right ventricle Robert Englund, as they are of course the Protagonist and Antagonist of the...

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The Changing of Ben Moore

Director/Writer: Jason Mills Stars: Umberto Celisano, Cory Beaulieu, David Lloyd The Changing of Ben Moore (2015) – IMDb This movie is a child of the “Found Footage” variety, and while I would not consider it the worst of any I’ve ever seen, I would definitely not consider it good by any means. The storyline is fragmented beyond the what your normal found footabe movie might, focusing on a lot of boring and poorly performed dialog that leaves you wondering why you’re bothering to watch it because there is really no draw or feeling to the characters at all. The “action” parts of the movie left a lot to be desired as well, I’ve seen better fight choreography on a high school stage, including better timed sound effects. The only singular redeeming quality of this movie was that for the budget and the overall quailty, the visual special effects weren’t that bad… but seriously don’t bother, unless you want to bore yourself. A whole one bloody...

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Deliverance From Evil

Directors/Writers: Eduardo Quiroz, Jose Quiroz Stars: Angel Aviles, Molly Celaschi, Victor Miller Deliverance From Evil (2012) – IMDb This movie was boring and full of common horror cliches without the benefit of good acting. It had absolutely no scare factor, despite a vague attempt to make it seem it was suspenseful. In the end it droned on much like soft core porn does before and after the action. Even the subject matter was unrealistically portrayed. Worse, the acting was terrible. The worst was the acting of the Psychic as he walked from room to room “seeing” things. These sad attempts at creating drama were completely failed, and were physically painful to watch. If I hadn’t set down with the distinct purpose of writing this review I would have never finished it. Thankfully I had my phone to help keep me occupied or I would have never made it! Sadly I don’t have a 0… so 1 bloody...

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