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Director: Jack Sholder

Writers: David Chaskin, Wes Craven

Stars: Robert Englund, Mark Patton, Kim Myers

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) – IMDb

The follow-up to the original hit – this movie continues the story of the Man of Your Dreams – or rather nightmares as it is. If you haven’t seen the first movie – go back and watch it, since this one will contain information that involves the first. While they’re not spoilers, it is better understood after you see the first movie.

The nice thing about this movie is that it’s really before the time of “template sequels”, so while it does have a formula it follows, it doesn’t mind changing things up to provide extra excitement. But as all older movies, it really hasn’t aged too well. The outdated look of the 80’s really doesn’t seem to play well with younger audiences, even though it’s still an interesting story. The acting is what you expect from your typical 80’s fair – not Oscar worthy, but still good enough to match the content – and of course Robert Englund is the only Freddy in my heart.

So in short, it’s a good movie, not astounding, which is normal when you have a full series of them, but definitely one I do suggest watching – I’ve probably rewatched it a number of times, netting it an easy three out of five bloody kitties.

three bloody kitten rating