The Gorenos Cover Art

Director/Writer: Clarence Williams IV

Stars: Ken Sagoes, Mitchell Edwards, Scott Alda Coffey

The Gorenos (2016)

I love a “bad” horror movie as much as the next person – this one however, is something special. For a low budget movie, with poor cinematics, I surprisingly really enjoyed it. I will say there are likely a lot of men who will also enjoy it thanks to certain things… but even that doesn’t bother me too much.

Despite being low budget, it has some remarkable humor to it. It is some what like a cross between Zombie Strippers and Scream. If you understand that, then you’re a pretty devout horror fan – or you really like movies with strippers in them.

For the scare factor – I’d have to say it’s pretty low. But it definitely works as a Horror/Comedy. This is one of those movies that will definitely appear in my stream on GabTV because it’s just so unique and amusing. Despite the low scare factor, I’m thinking that this has to be a three bloody kitties out of five!

three bloody kitten rating