Door to the Other Side

Director: Norman Lesperance

Writer: Nicholas Bianchi

Stars: Nicholas BianchiRobin De LanoLeann Donovan

Door to the Other Side (2016) – IMDb

So this is a case of mistaken identity – I picked this movie thinking it was a different one, and boy, was that not a good thing. It starts of with a sweet little girl in bed saying her prayers, and then, her night light breaks…

And then it’s all down hill from there. Seriously. The pacing and the story line just weren’t there at all. I found myself a number of times wish it were over – or that something, anything would happen (like the dog would randomly hit the remote and end my torture). The barking of my dogs during the movie was full of far more suspense than anything I watched on the screen. The acting really wasn’t too terrible, but when the script isn’t there – it just doesn’t matter.

So while this wasn’t the worst movie ever, it’s definitely one I will never willingly watch again. It was a long like watching paint dry – just without the excitement of having the paint be dry. Two bloody kitties for this one!


two bloody kitties