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Director/Writer: Michael Medaglia

Stars: Sean McGrath, Anne Sorce, Denise Poirier

Deep Dark (2015) – IMDb

A starving artist, no direction, what seems like less than no talent, living with his mother, looking for his way to finally express himself and find his art.

Now to me, this movie is deliciously dark and funny at the same time. It’s twisted in all the right ways. And it’s one that has to be watched to really be fully understood. ┬áIt’s definitely not something that is fully expected when you’re watching.

To me, this movie is something totally memorable. Once you watch it, you’re definitely never going to forget it’s concept. For me, it’s definitely a movie I love to watch. Maybe it’s not one I remember off the top of my head over and over, but once the memory is triggered, it’s once I come back to. While I would love to call it a five bloody kitties movie, the fact that I do have problems remembering the title, unfortunately relegates it to a mere four bloody kitties out of five.

four bloody kitties