George A. Romero has long been long standing figure in the Horror movie world. Anyone who has an somewhat serious interest in movies knows him as the man who created the Zombie movie – his classic Night of the Living Dead will forever live in the minds of Americans as one of the most frightening movies they’d ever seen.

However, what most people don’t realize is that George was involved in horror even beyond zombies. Yes, he kept his hand in it producing his hits Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, and more recently adding to it with Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead,  and Survival of the Dead – but he was also a key figure in the production of the series Tales from the Dark Side – a late night TV show that aired in the 1980’s.

On top of producing the Tales From the Dark Side series, he wrote a number of episodes, and eventually wrote a segment for the movie that was released in 1990, again with no zombies. Other movies that many people will mention, but perhaps not immediately recognize as being George A. Romero are Monkey Shines and Creepshow.

In short, the loss experienced by the Horror movie genre on July 16 2017, is rather astounding. While it’s one that would have been experienced eventually, it’s still not one that is deeply felt. George is suffering his death with a number of very bad Zombie jokes, but it’s important to remember his other accomplishments as well. While another star will eventually rise in the Horror genre, it’s hard not to feel that perhaps our heart has been ripped out and eaten by the passing of this one.

I give George A. Romero an honorary Five Horror Kitties – for a long life of creative contribution to horror, and in many ways providing a platform for others to show case their own work.

five bloody kitties