The Collector Cover Art

Director: Marcus Dunstan

Writer: Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan

Stars: Josh Stewart, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernández

The Collector (2009) – IMDb

So you’ve seen Hostel and Saw, and you’re wondering if there really is anything worth seeing in terms of gore any more. Well I’m here to tell you there is. This movie has what the others lacked – good story line, and characters you really start to care about.

Is there gore? Yes. Are there traps? Oh my yes. How are these traps better? The suspense… the sweet suspense. The surprise. Oh yes. the wonderful surprise. This movie is like a top grade stripper who knows what she’s doing, who knows how to tease you until you are just so ready for her to give you what you want… and the waits just that extra second more…

If you’re wondering what I think of this movie. It’s pretty easy. This is one of those rare movies that are, without a doubt, my favorite… the best among horror. Five bloody kitties out of five.

five bloody kitties