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Director/Writer: Richard Bates Jr.

Stars: AnnaLynne McCord, Roger Bart, Ariel Winter

Excision (2012) – IMDb

This is the story of a girl in her adventure to become a woman and find her place in society. That said, this movie is rather disturbing on many levels. If you have a problem with blood, or if discussion of menstration causes you issues, this is not a movie for you.

Bearing that warning in mind, the movie is not gory in the way you’d think. This movie is definitely disturbing, it’s going to make you wonder what on earth you’re watching.

Depending on your viewing habits, you may notice a large number of larger name actors – at least one well known TV actor, which I didn’t notice until my second viewing, but it’s rather interesting, all things considered.

In some ways I can sympathize with the girl in this movie (don’t worry, not the scary ones). Seeing the world differently makes life difficult… But anyway. Rewatching this movie is difficult, mostly because of the very strangeness of it. For me, it’s a three out of five bloody kitties.

three bloody kitten rating