friday the 13th part 2 cover art

Director: Steve Miner

Writers: Ron Kurz, Victor Miller

Stars: Betsy Palmer, Amy Steel, John Furey

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) – IMDb

Picking up where the original ended, we’re greeted with a short recap of the previous movie, and an ending to our ‘final girl’ from the first movie. The movie continues to build the mythos of Camp Blood, and destroying those unaware teenagers who dare to enjoy sex and drugs near his lake.

The legend of Jason is built up slowly, with the first deaths occurring later in the movie, much like the first – and this time there’s the introduction of a small dog, which always makes me worry. I don’t care how many people die in a movie, but I hate when they kill dogs! Makes me cry every time.

There is a little more philosophy in this one than the previous, the word of the events of the previous camp counselors having been spread by the superstitious residents of the town near the lake, giving the characters more to talk about than they may have previously.

All in all, this movie is true to the series, yes the acting is ‘old’, as is the movie all together, but it stands strong in today’s macrocosm of horror movies as one anyone who loves horror should watch, netting it four bloody kitties – a true chip off the ole block!

four bloody kitten rating