hellbound: hellraiser cover art

Director: Tony Randel

Writers: Clive Barker, Peter Atkins

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988) – IMDb

Continuing nearly where the first left off, we see what happens to Kirsty in the aftermath of her closing the puzzle box. Now, there are a few paradoxical gaps between where the first movie ended and this one picks up, but sequels that weren’t expected tend to have that sort of issue – it’s one of the things that makes them not as good as the original.

This sequel is no different that way. While on its own its a very good movie, the fact that it somewhat remakes history is a little bothersome.

It continues with the great effects however in terms of human flesh – or lack there of rather. The sound effects in this one are what get me the most however… The wet squishing of bloody de-fleshed feet against carpet is amazing. I’m sure if I were a doctor or a surgeon or someone who studied musculature, I’d likely find a lot of errors, but thankfully I’m not – lol.

Despite its issues, this movie is still great to watch, earning my forgiveness for re-writing its own history, and tying its predecessor with 4 happy bloody kitties.

four bloody kitties