contracted cover art

Director/Writer: Eric England

Stars: Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams, Alice Macdonald

Contracted (2013)

Are you one of those people in our generation who thinks that nothing could happen to them? Do you believe in YOLO? Do you think STDs happen to someone else? Well… this movie may give you second thoughts – and if it doesn’t – it should.

The first time I saw this movie, my first thought was “Well I can’t imagine a better way to advocate for condom use” than what this movie manages to do. There are a few things that definitely put me off for a while.

This really isn’t a particularly good or bad movie, the end almost justifies the bad parts, while at the same time just not seeming completely right to me. For me this movie is just a 3 – not terrible, can be rewatched, but not the greatest horror ever.

three bloody kitten rating