holland road cover art

Directors: Aaron Bush, Kellen Pembleton

Writers: Aaron Bush, Wally Roberts

Stars: Stephanie Albon, Michael Balch, Jason John Beebe

Holland Road (2015) – IMDb

It’s always easy to tell a low budget horror. One of the best things about horror is that does not always mean the movie is going to be terrible. Of course most of the time…

A combination of overly scripted acting, and poor cinematography, this movie seems to have very little to offer. Slow pacing always kills a movie – making it near impossible to really get into. The introduction is one of the most important parts of a horror, but it is also important to balance it out appropriately.

It’s a fair attempt at a movie, but over all just so poorly done that it’s hard to sit through – definitely only worth a singular bloody kitten.

one bloody kitty