an american terror cover art

Director/Writer: Haylar Garcia

Stars: Joe Abplanalp, Troy Alan, Graham Emmons

An American Terror (2014) – IMDb

So to me this movie is something along the lines of Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Hostel… But not quite in the way you would think. There is something very wrong about the whole combination – and movie in general. And look at who this comment comes from!

A group of misfit kids, a gun hoarding redneck, a cheerleader… What could these things have in common? Well, it is a horror movie so the answer is fairly obvious. Its not my job to tell you though…

This movie has a serious sicko factor, something that you don’t see in too many original movies today. For me, it’s not one I’d be willing to watch too many times – but there is definitely something to it at the same time. So despite the fact that I don’t like to rewatch it, it earns a hard fought 3 bloody kitties for quality and just weirdness.

three bloody kitten rating