8989 redstone cover art

Director: Jay Chapman

Writer: Ian Roumain

Stars: Eric Allan Kramer, Lindsay Bushman, Frank Ashmore

8989 Redstone (2016) – IMDb

This little gem I found on Amazon Prime. Initially I was watching it just for the novelty of the concept – home flipping show taking place in a haunted house. However, as it goes on, it really gets more and more interesting.

It is not a movie with the best effects, or even the best acting. But the emotional intensity they manage to build with camera angles and music is so surprising for a movie that is beyond what you would consider possible for a movie of its quality, it’s amazing. I’ve only seen the bit at the end handled as well in one other movie – Grave Encounters 2.

In the end I went in to this movie with very low expectations, and came out with a surprising amount if respect for it, giving a strong 4 bloody kitties for inventiveness and strong camera work.

P.S. do watch the out takes.

four bloody kitties