dark skies cover art

Director/Writer: Scott Stewart

Stars: Keri Russell, Jake Brennan, Josh Hamilton

Dark Skies (2013) – IMDb

One of the “common people vs alien phenomenon” movies – This focuses on a family that could be on anyone’s street, in any city in America. At first, it seems more along the lines of maybe Poltergeist or some other haunting – but slowly, things shift to that which is beyond our planet.

Unsurprisingly, in places it begins to remind me of the movie Signs – when watched what I mean will become apparent, but you know how I don’t like to give things away. Unlike Signs however, I think keeping the mystery is done just a little better.

It’s not the best Alien abduction movie out there, but it’s not terrible either, so on my rather strict scale it’s an easy three bloody kitties!

three bloody kitten rating