beneath cover art

Director: Dagen Merrill

Writers: Kevin Burke, Dagen Merrill

Stars: Nora Zehetner, Brenna O’Brien, Carly Pope

Beneath (2007) – IMDb

Another movie covering the death of a loved one and the mental anguish it can cause on the young – This one explores the dynamic between sisters. Siblings can often be extremely close, especially ones united by the death of their parents, giving them almost twin-like abilities to feel one another.

This movie has its own special twists on top of the disturbing mental aspects of what can happen to a person when they lose someone they’re close to, and more importantly what can happen if they’re delusional about whether or not their loved one is actually gone.

While I can’t call this a favorite, since to me some of the acting seems wooden and a few of the pieces of the puzzle get a little overplayed (plus someone paying close attention can put them together quite quickly), it isn’t a bad watch, and one that can reasonably re-watched, giving it a solid 3 bloody kitties.

three bloody kitten rating