visions cover art

Director: Kevin Greutert

Writers: L.D. Goffigan, Lucas Sussman

Stars: Isla Fisher, Anson Mount, Gillian Jacobs

Visions (2015) – IMDb

Being pregnant is known to cause a woman some odd psychological effect. Surging hormones and the stress of growing a baby can do that to you.

But add pre-pregnancy PTSD on top of it, and soon everyone thinks you’re crazy, or are you? This movie is enjoyable not only for its depiction of how crazy pregnant women can come off, but also it’s unique use of the haunting clichè.

Its not a twist I haven’t seen before,  it I feel the movie does a great job setting up to the twist, but the actors are very good as well, earning this movie 4 bloody kitties.

four bloody kitties