would you rather cover art

Director: David Guy Levy

Writer: Steffen Schlachtenhaufen

Stars: Brittany Snow, June Squibb, Jeffrey Combs

Would You Rather (2012) – IMDb

Would you rather – a game teenagers and adults play in a combination of attempt to gross each other out and push each other’s boundaries, or at least learn new things about each other.

Now, imagine being in a room with strangers, all promised money for their participation… where could that possible go? I know for myself I think of a lot of lot of fun, and interesting things that could happen… though “fun” is certainly not the word I use for what happens in this game of would you rather…

The movie definitely bears re-watching. It is one that will reveal different things as you watch it, just little things, that you may not have noticed before…. this is a four bloody kitties movie!

four bloody kitties