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Director/Writer: Tom Holland

Stars: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse

Fright Night (1985) – IMDb

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Possibly one of the first horror movies I remember seeing in my young life, Fright Night explores the fear of the unknown – specifically of the new neighbor. Few things can pull a high school boy from the promise of sex like the sudden sight of a coffin… And of course no faster way to piss off a woman than to ignore her in a state of vulnerability.

But teenage angst aside, this is a classic of the 1980’s, addressing the fear of not being believed and abandoned by authority figures as many others do. It draws on a number of cliches that were established in that decade.

Beyond a few breast shots, this movie is just about PG13 – with the classic effects of the 1980’s – an excellent watch no matter how old the movie is, and one of my long time favorites – since it walks the line of horror comedy in my mind (somewhat unintentionally) I call this one a solid 3 bloody kitties… Great for rewatch, a little cheesy, but fun and amusing.

three bloody kitten rating