hunting humans cover art

Director/Writer: Kevin Kangas

Stars: Rick Ganz, Bubby Lewis, Lisa Michele

Hunting Humans (2002) – IMDb

On a rare occasion, I pick a movie based solely on the rating given by the service… in this case Amazon Prime had a 3 star rating on this movie. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I’m more particular than others… but here we are anyway.

This movie starts, and persists with a voice over, unfortunately one that doesn’t seem to match the video quality. The voice acting is stunted and dry. I know they’re trying to imitate the emotionless-ness of a sociopath inside their head, however, they fall considerably short.

Even the story line is a little dry, and extremely uninteresting… This may be a line that comes up often in these reviews, but I really am having a lot of difficulty. If there ever was a 1 bloody kitty movie… this is it.

To discuss the actual content of the movie further is difficult… it’s a rather direct “Serial killer going after another Serial Killer” movie, with one being somewhat more of a supposed mastermind than the other. Then there’s the fact that the other serial killer sounds like the first guy, but making his voice deeper and more muffled. The effect is really rather poor. The story line is… weak to put it kindly.

As I said earlier, this movie definitely gets 1 bloody kitty, and a strong recommendation to watch only if you’re trying to fall asleep.

one bloody kitty