babysitter massacre cover art

Director/Writer: Henrique Couto

Stars: Erin R. Ryan, Marylee Osborne, Joni Durian

Babysitter Massacre (2013) – IMDb
This is a great example of a movie that, with better actors and a few small script changes would be very good.

Despite the some what wooden acting, there are a few gems of well written humor, as well as dialogue that would really hook people in if better performed.

The script was written well enough that even though I felt somewhat alienated by the monotone of the actors voices, I still found myself thinking about characters I didn’t want to die, and found the end rather bitter sweet and screwed up.

In the end, despite some very obvious flaws, I give this movie 2 bloody kitties, and send out a wish to the horror gods to see it re-done better.

two bloody kitties