dark amazon cover art

Director: Darcyana Moreno Izel

Writers: Peter Aranda, Darcyana Moreno Izel (writer/story)

Stars: Mina Olivera, Don Jeanes, Michelle Taylor

Dark Amazon (2014) – IMDb
An entry in the genre of “found footage” horror, Dark Amazon is the supposed chronicles of a research team on the verge of discovering a new cure for cancer.

The set up starts early, so unlike many found footage movies the “set up” lull is relatively short. The noises the movie features are amusingly predator-esque.

The scare factor is relatively low, but the movie does provide an interesting “fish out of water” feel with scientists facing something that seems more spiritual in nature.

I do wish I had some Spanish or Brazilian as a second language, I imagine it might add a little more to the movie.

The intermittent use of video distortion to signal the visit of the supernatural is a typical trick, but still used reasonably well. Some of the set ups are so humorous that the movie seems to walk the fine line of wanting to be a comedy. In some ways, this makes the movie seem slightly more real, as the set ups seem more relatable. The noises the movie features are amusingly predator-esque when signalling the nearness of the creature.

It is a movie I recommend giving your full attention to as beyond the video distortion, there are a lot of little interesting cues that you can miss if you so much as blink at the wrong time.

Movies like this often make me wonder how much of the supposed folklore they use is accurate, though in this case I must say I was disappointed as a casual Google search for Anhangüera and Anhangá both proved relatively fruitless.

Overall, this movie is a good watch with a number of nuanced horror features, though I’m not sure it would be worth a second viewing, but still worth a solid three bloody kittens.

three bloody kitten rating