3 all hallows eve cover art

Director: Laurence Holloway, Richard Stoudt
Stars: Chris Labadie, Michael Hanelin, David Nelson

A member of the compilation genre, ala Twilight Zone, this movie has some surprisingly good writing, unfortunately ruined by some very bad acting and effects.

While low budget horror does not always have to be bad, the quality of your acting team can make up for a lot of other production flaws, while flat acting will almost always destroy even the best written script.

While each of the 3 tales told in this anthology could be considered classic, they each have a slight twist that makes them some what different from the usual versions you see replayed time after time. My personal favorite was the second one, despite the poor voice acting, the story itself could have taken a few routes before the revealed the catch (even though the actual catch itself was obvious).

All in all, while I can’t say I would re-watch this, it’s not as bad as the usual one kitty fare… so perhaps it’s more one and a half kitties.

one bloody kitty