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Director/Writer: Jason Mills

Stars: Umberto Celisano, Cory Beaulieu, David Lloyd

The Changing of Ben Moore (2015) – IMDb

This movie is a child of the “Found Footage” variety, and while I would not consider it the worst of any I’ve ever seen, I would definitely not consider it good by any means.

The storyline is fragmented beyond the what your normal found footabe movie might, focusing on a lot of boring and poorly performed dialog that leaves you wondering why you’re bothering to watch it because there is really no draw or feeling to the characters at all.

The “action” parts of the movie left a lot to be desired as well, I’ve seen better fight choreography on a high school stage, including better timed sound effects. The only singular redeeming quality of this movie was that for the budget and the overall quailty, the visual special effects weren’t that bad… but seriously don’t bother, unless you want to bore yourself. A whole one bloody kitty!

one bloody kitty