deliverance from evil (paranormal) cover art

Directors/Writers: Eduardo Quiroz, Jose Quiroz

Stars: Angel Aviles, Molly Celaschi, Victor Miller

Deliverance From Evil (2012) – IMDb

This movie was boring and full of common horror cliches without the benefit of good acting. It had absolutely no scare factor, despite a vague attempt to make it seem it was suspenseful.

In the end it droned on much like soft core porn does before and after the action. Even the subject matter was unrealistically portrayed.

Worse, the acting was terrible. The worst was the acting of the Psychic as he walked from room to room “seeing” things. These sad attempts at creating drama were completely failed, and were physically painful to watch. If I hadn’t set down with the distinct purpose of writing this review I would have never finished it. Thankfully I had my phone to help keep me occupied or I would have never made it! Sadly I don’t have a 0… so 1 bloody kitten.

one bloody kitty